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Hamilton's Appliance Ideas and Tips

Welcome to my blog. This is a joint project, I started with my wife Meg. We decided that we needed to work on something significant after the untimely death of our dog. Taking a 360-turn to writing about appliances seemed to offer us the most relief. Before you start reading, let me tell you about our experience. I was an appliance salesperson for three years while at uni and learned to evaluate them even more keenly later in life when I worked as a real estate agent. Meg, as "chief" of our home has spent countless hours researching, selecting, buying and using appliances.


Don’t Overlook These Factors When Shopping For a Commercial Refrigerator

The refrigerator you have in your restaurant's kitchen is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need for your business and probably one of the most expensive. This is why it's good to take your time and shop the various models available when you're in the market for a new unit and know a little bit about the different features they offer. Note a few commercial refrigeration factors to consider when you are ready to shop so you get the right refrigerator for your business. Read More 

How to replace a worn-out refrigerator door gasket

Each of your refrigerator's doors features a molded rubber gasket which serves to keep the cold air inside and the warm air outside the fridge. Over time, the gasket becomes old and frail and starts to leak. As a result, your fridge will start to lose cold air, resulting in high electric bills. Moreover, the presence of brackish mold or condensation droplets when inspecting your gasket is a clear sign that it needs immediate replacement. Read More 

Dishwashers: How to Best Troubleshoot Common Dishwasher Problems

The use of dishwashers is commonplace in several modern day kitchens. Just like any other household appliance, they may show signs of trouble every now and then. This does not mean that they are faulty or broken, as simple tips and procedures may help you take them back to good working shape. Below are a few common problems you are likely to face when using dishwashers and ways on how you can best troubleshoot the problems. Read More 

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit at Optimal Performance

Air conditioning units tend to be one of the appliances in the home that are neglected until they start showing signs of disrepair. This can be especially inconvenient during the winter or summer months when you need your home's temperature regulated. However, it should be noted that it conditioning problems do not simply crop up out of the blue. Most of them stem from minor issues that would have been easy to detect and deter before they become aggravated into larger problems. Read More 

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning Costs Every Summer

Air conditioning is a must for people in many areas, as high heat and humidity are not just uncomfortable; they can also be downright unhealthy. However, as important as it is, running the air conditioning all through the summer months can also be very expensive. Typically, you can save money on your air conditioning bills every summer if you consider a few simple tips for both the air conditioning system and for your home overall. Read More