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Welcome to my blog. This is a joint project, I started with my wife Meg. We decided that we needed to work on something significant after the untimely death of our dog. Taking a 360-turn to writing about appliances seemed to offer us the most relief. Before you start reading, let me tell you about our experience. I was an appliance salesperson for three years while at uni and learned to evaluate them even more keenly later in life when I worked as a real estate agent. Meg, as "chief" of our home has spent countless hours researching, selecting, buying and using appliances.


Dishwashers: How to Best Troubleshoot Common Dishwasher Problems

The use of dishwashers is commonplace in several modern day kitchens. Just like any other household appliance, they may show signs of trouble every now and then. This does not mean that they are faulty or broken, as simple tips and procedures may help you take them back to good working shape.

Below are a few common problems you are likely to face when using dishwashers and ways on how you can best troubleshoot the problems.

Dishwasher not powering on

Once you have placed your dishes in the dishwasher ready for cleaning, you may notice that the dishwater is not powering on. This is mostly due to malfunctions that you can troubleshoot and fix by yourself. First, check if your dishwasher is connected properly to the power source. Secondly, check if other home appliances with the same connection are functioning when powered on. Thirdly, check if the door to the dishwater is correctly closed. Finally, check if the water source connection is properly connected and open. If you follow these repair tips and your dishwater is still not powering on, then you should take it to a professional electrician.

Dishes not well cleaned

Having a dishwater that does not clean your utensils well is just like not owning one. However, some of the causes of this problem can be easily fixed. First, you must ensure that your dishwasher is always clean before use. This can be done by conducting frequent cleaning cycles without dishes. In addition, you must check inside the cleaner for grease, food particles and other substances that may have attached themselves.

Finally, you need to investigate the spray arm to ensure that it's in perfect condition. Usually, it is advisable to replace the spray arm according to the manufacturer's specifications so that your dishwasher does not run with a worn-out spray arm. It is not advisable to open up the appliances by yourself as it may lead to further damage. Therefore, you will need an expert to do the job.

Wet dishes

Dishwashers are meant to wash your dishes and dry them in the process, enabling you to use them on demand. Once you note that your dish cleaner is not drying all the dishes adequately, you may perform the following troubleshooting tips. First, make sure that the dishes have been correctly placed in their specific racks. Secondly, you may be required to increase the rinse aid prescriptions frequently. In case the problem is persistent, it is advisable to contact your Ilve appliance repairs provider immediately.