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Welcome to my blog. This is a joint project, I started with my wife Meg. We decided that we needed to work on something significant after the untimely death of our dog. Taking a 360-turn to writing about appliances seemed to offer us the most relief. Before you start reading, let me tell you about our experience. I was an appliance salesperson for three years while at uni and learned to evaluate them even more keenly later in life when I worked as a real estate agent. Meg, as "chief" of our home has spent countless hours researching, selecting, buying and using appliances.


Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit at Optimal Performance

Air conditioning units tend to be one of the appliances in the home that are neglected until they start showing signs of disrepair. This can be especially inconvenient during the winter or summer months when you need your home's temperature regulated. However, it should be noted that it conditioning problems do not simply crop up out of the blue. Most of them stem from minor issues that would have been easy to detect and deter before they become aggravated into larger problems. One of the best ways of ensuring that your unit remains functional is through air conditioning maintenance. Here are some of the tips that can come in handy at keeping it at optimal performance.   

Clean or replace your air conditioning unit's filters

Air conditioning units typically come with two types of filters; those that can be cleaned and those that would need to be replaced. It is pertinent to keep your filters clean for a couple of reasons. For one, filthy filters mean that the air that is being ventilated into your home will be of poor quality as it keeps passing through the same dirt that has been collecting in the filters. Not only does your indoor air quality really depreciate, but it also puts the residents at risk of respiratory problems. The second reason that you need to keep your unit's filters clean is to avoid clogging of the unit. The more dirt on the filters, the harder it is for the air-conditioning unit to ventilate the house and this will lead it to overworking itself.

Keep the condenser unit free from obstructions

Another important aspect of your air conditioning unit is its condenser. Since this part is located outside, it tends to be overlooked. If neglected, debris such as leaves, branches and more may begin to collect on it and this will disrupt airflow. Since the condenser works toward drawing air into the air conditioning unit, you need to regularly ensure that there are no obstructions that are impeding its functionality. If left unchecked, the condenser may begin to overheat and start to malfunction prematurely.

Enlist professional air conditioning maintenance

Carrying out DIY maintenance measures for your air conditioning unit is well and good but it will still require an assessment by professionals at least once a year. Air conditioning contractors can take an in depth approach towards it maintenance such as inspecting the Freon levels of the unit, inspecting the unit's electrical controls, recalibrating your thermostat, examining the coil and more. This enables them to spot any irregularities in time and take the correct measures to remedy them.