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Welcome to my blog. This is a joint project, I started with my wife Meg. We decided that we needed to work on something significant after the untimely death of our dog. Taking a 360-turn to writing about appliances seemed to offer us the most relief. Before you start reading, let me tell you about our experience. I was an appliance salesperson for three years while at uni and learned to evaluate them even more keenly later in life when I worked as a real estate agent. Meg, as "chief" of our home has spent countless hours researching, selecting, buying and using appliances.


Simple Tips for Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning Costs Every Summer

Air conditioning is a must for people in many areas, as high heat and humidity are not just uncomfortable; they can also be downright unhealthy. However, as important as it is, running the air conditioning all through the summer months can also be very expensive. Typically, you can save money on your air conditioning bills every summer if you consider a few simple tips for both the air conditioning system and for your home overall. Note a few of those tips here.

1. Invest in more than one type of unit

Why are you cooling your entire house at night when you're only in your bedroom, or in the evening when the whole family is typically in the family room or living room? Investing in more than one type of unit can save you money overall; have a window unit installed in the bedroom or a split system unit installed in the family room. These smaller units will save on power while still keeping your occupied areas of the home cool.

2. Keep yourself cool 

Put an ice pack in the freezer and then place it between two folds of a towel and put this under your feet while you're sitting on the couch, or behind your back. This can keep you cooler so that you don't need to run the air conditioner. Special pillows that are meant to stay cool and not trap the heat of your head can also keep you cool while sleeping. These may seem like minor tricks but when you're more comfortable physically, you will usually need to use the air conditioning system less often throughout the day and night.

3. Rearrange your furniture

If you have furniture blocking a vent or even too close to a vent, it may be absorbing all the cool air that comes out when the unit kicks on. Arrange your home around the vents and to allow for maximum airflow in every room.

4. Plant a tree

If your home is in direct sunlight, it's bound to get very warm during summertime. Planting a tree or even thick, tall shrubbery that provide shade on the brightest side of the home can keep it cool so that you don't need to run the air conditioning as often.

5. Dehumidify

Humidity in the air can make your space seem warmer so that you may turn up the air conditioner. Use products that pull humidity from the air; there are certain products that come in crystal form and which sit in a small container and absorb humidity. These are easy to use, don't require any electricity of their own, and can be placed just about anywhere in the home where it feels the most humid.